Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Why You Should Get A Store Loyalty Card

Looking at some of the opinions online, you would think that store loyalty cards (or rewards cards as some call them) are in the same class as the KGB. It's Big Brother watching you and ready to pounce if you do something wrong. Can they really be that bad?

Well, I guess there will always be those who think that everything is a conspiracy and, yes, I do admit that most stores are gathering your information and using it to target you with different offers.

My question is, can this really be all that bad?

The way I look at it, with today's technology, you have very little chance of being totally isolated. Seriously! Some people will scoff at a store reward card but will turn around and post intimate information on Facebook or some other social media site.

So, the decision is yours as to if you want to sign up for a store reward card. You can always choose to pay more and not have one. That's the beauty of life, we have the power of choice on this, unlike some government programs!

Here's why I have chosen to use the loyalty cards programs from most of the stores I frequent. They actually do reward me and they also help me to save on things that I actually do use! It's nice when I get an envelope from Kroger with coupons that are actually for things I buy. It's also nice to get coupons for FREE items, such as Miracle Whip or Ragu. That's because they know I purchase these things and they are rewarding me for it!

What other advantages are there to loyalty cards? Here are just a few:

Fuel Bonuses -- I know that Kroger and Brookshire's do this but I am sure there are others. At Kroger you get 10¢ off a gallon of gas for every 100 points, up to $1 per gallon (if you have 1000 points). I don't know how Brookshire's works because the store here doesn't have a gas station! I can say that I recently saved 60¢ per gallon at Kroger and that made my gas $1.47 a gallon!

Grocery Savings -- Besides saving on the sales items, you also get other sales such as the Kroger Buy 6, Get $3 that is concluding today. At Brookshire's you can use points for discounts on your bill. I believe you have to have like 5000 points to get $5 off your shopping order but that is still money you are saving. I will never get that as I don't shop there enough to gather that many points!

Extra Deals -- Kroger offers Best Customer bonuses occasionally as well as a Friday Freebie. Brookshire's offers special coupons that are automatically loaded to your card each week as well as an eDeal each week. This week's deal is:

eDeal: 79¢ Brookshire's Cones - 12-18 Ct

Offer valid 06/29/16 - 07/05/16 at participating Brookshire's store locations with your Thank You Card. Limit two items per household.

Digital Coupons -- This is one of the best perks of Loyalty Cards. For all those who don't like to clip coupons or are too lazy to do so, you can add digital coupons to your card and they will automatically come off at the register. One other great thing about this is that you also have offers for store brand products which means that you can save on more than just name-brands!

Other stores, such as CVS and Walgreens use Loyalty Cards to reward you with Extra Care Bucks (CVS) and Register Rewards (Walgreens) which you can use on your next purchase. This helps to extend your savings. Walgreens also has deals where you can earn points and you can use those points to save on later orders. CVS also has a Beauty Club where each purchase you make is tallied over time and when you reach $50 spent on Beauty products (including personal care stuff also!)  will earn you a $5 ECB.

I am sure that there are other reasons to have loyalty cards but these are a few of the main reasons I use them. If you can think of something to add to this, feel free to do so in the comments.

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