Saturday, July 9, 2016

This Is How You Use Apps With Coupons To Save More!

Today, I was looking to try to figure what to do to get past my first level of bonuses at Ibotta. I came up with a little scenario and here's how it played out. Your results may vary as different stores have different prices but they should be pretty close!

This was done at my Paris WalMart and I did buy more than just what I am showing you but I want to show you the main reason I went!

Here's what I bought and how much I actually paid out of pocket:

One (1) Suave Men's Body Wash --- $1.88
One (1) Dove Men+ Hair Care Dandruff Shampoo --- $3.97
- $2.00 off Dove Men+ Hair Care product (6/12 RP)
One (1) Axe Body Spray for Women --- $3.97
- $1.00 off Axe Body Spray or Deodorant (6/12 RP)
One (1) Zantac Duo Fusions Antacid (20 ct) --- $7.58
-$5.00 on the purchase of any ONE (1) Duo Fusion Acid Reducer + Antacid 
(yes, I know there is also a $6.00 on the purchase of any ONE (1) Duo Fusion Acid Reducer + Antacid but I have other plans for that one! You can use that instead, if you'd like!)

Total out of pocket after coupons --- $9.40

Not so great huh? Well, that's not the end of the story. Now we need to combine the offers from my apps.

- $1.50 off (1) Suave Men's product from Ibotta
- $1.50 off (1) Dove Men+ product from Ibotta
- $1.50 off (1) Axe product from Ibotta
- $2.50 off (1) Duo Fusions 20 ct. from Ibotta
- $1.00 for Men's Grooming bonus from Ibotta

Now my total after rebates comes down to $1.40. Now that is looking better, yes?

But wait, we aren't done yet!

Submit for $4.00 of Duo Fusion from SavingStar app. 

Now, let's see. My total was down to $1.40 and I just submitted for another $4 so that means my total after everything would be ... -$2.60! Wow! They actually end up paying me for all of that! I made $2.60 in the long run!

But wait, that isn't the end of it yet is it? Well of course not. I still have a rebate I can submit for the Duo Fusion. Now, they may just give me what I paid after coupon ($2.58) or they may give me the full amount. I'll have to wait and see. Either way, that will add another $2.58 to my total so I actually will end up making a total of $5.18 (with the potential of making $10.18)

Now, this kind of deal does not come along every day but if I can do it then so can you. There's still time to take advantage of this deal if you have Ibotta and SavingStar. Just follow what I did and you will reap the benefits!

As I said, I did buy more stuff and I also used coupons and Ibotta for those things also but I just wanted to highlight the main reason I went!

This is a prime example of how you can use other apps (Ibotta, SavingStar, Checkout 51 and MobiSave) to help you stretch that dollar even further.

Let me know if you take advantage of this deal by replying in the comments section! :-)

Have a great evening,


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