Friday, July 1, 2016

Saving While Bored!

Yesterday, I was very bored so I asked my wife if she wanted to get out and do something. She naturally said yes and so we went on a little adventure.

What she didn't know was that I had a different plan than she did! :-)

I wanted to scout out a few deals for when the new month starts on Friday! :-)

We stopped first at the Dollar General and she was enjoying looking at things while I was pricing and comparing to see what kind of deals I could come up with. When she realized what was going on she decided it was time to go. I couldn't leave without anything so I decided to use one of the $5 off my next order from my Bounty deal. Here's what I came up with:

Maxwell House Coffee -- $5.75 (on sale until 7/2)
- $1 off 1 Maxwell House coffee (Dollar General Digital Coupon)

Kraft Miracle Whip -- $2.50 (on sale until 7/2)
- $.50 off 1 Miracle Whip (Dollar General Digital Coupon)

- $5 off next shopping order from Bounty deal

So my total out of pocket cost was ----- $1.75! Yep, I can live with that.

Next we went to WalMart and, as usual, I didn't purchase anything. I did however discover a couple of deals I plan on taking advantage of this weekend.

Next we went to Sears to do some shopping for the wife.

Finally, we stopped by CVS for the first time in a couple of months. I admit I have been lazy when it comes to couponing so I have missed a lot of deals at CVS! Here's what I got there:

This was one of those quick, hit and run deals. I think I did pretty good though. Let me break it down for you all:

Transaction #1
(1) Sure deodorant - $1.75
- $1 Sure Deodorant, exp. 7/24/16 (6/26 SS)
(1) Garnier Fructis Mousse - $2.99
- $1 Garnier Fructis Styler, exp. 7/2/16 (6/5 RP)

Paid $2.90 and got back $3 in Extra Bucks, $1 from Sure and $2 from Garnier Fructis

Transaction #2

(1) Dove Shampoo - $4.99
(1) Dove Conditioner - $2.49 (buy one get one 50%)
- $3 off 2 Dove Haircare, exp. 7/10/16 (6/12 RP)
- $1 ECB from Sure
- $2 ECB from Garnier Fructis

Paid $1.60 and got back $5 ECB. 

In the end, we actually made $.50 at CVS! 

So, my grand total for both stops would be $20.47 worth of stuff for $1.25. Not bad at all! I love saving money, especially when I am just bored and trying to figure out what to do! 

Have a great day everyone! :-)

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  1. I really need to learn how to do all of this lol