Monday, July 4, 2016

A Few Musings On The Fourth

Happy Independence Day! I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe, fun-filled day! :-)

Today, I would like to take a moment and share a few thoughts with you. I published this blog on a whim and I have a lot of plans for it but I have to confess to you, it will take me a while to get everything set up as I wish for it to be. 

I think what I want to do today is to focus a little more on what the purpose of this blog will be. After all, you owe it to yourself to know what you are getting in to here! 

First off, the main purpose of this blog is education. I want to share with everyone just how you can save money on lots of stuff using some of the methods I use. I want to encourage you to do things the right way and I also want to encourage you to use some good sense when saving. Just because you can get 100 Hamburger Helper for free doesn't mean you really need 100 of them! :-)

So, let me just say that at first I will probably not have a lot of ad match-ups. Number one, that takes time and I am kinda strapped for that at the moment. I will, however, share any finds I may encounter with you. Such as one that will be shared on my next blog post. 

My main goal of this site is, once again, to educate you in all the different tools available to you. How to get coupons, how to organize them, how to use other rewards programs with the coupons to save to the max. For some, who may just be casual couponers, you may need to do very little clipping of coupons. For others, who may have a larger family and need more coupons, I may introduce you to a way to obtain multiple copies of coupons so that you can save the most. 

Once again, I will focus on the stores in my general area so if you have a store that is near you that is different from what I have, just ask and I will try to find a way to help you with your store also. 

It will be slow-going at first but once I have everything going, I will gladly get you to where you can save the most with all the different ways out there to save. 

Here is a list of topics I have in mind:

Where To Get Coupons
Loyalty Cards And How To Use Them
Digital Coupons
Rewards Programs
Coupon Organization
Extreme Or Not?
Coupon Etiquette

I would also like to do a "101" type series for all the stores to share the ins and outs for each, such as "Kroger 101" or "CVS 101". 

I will also try to keep you up to date with the news in the coupon world, such as if a store is changing its coupon policy or if an app has changed its policy. 

So, with that I will let you go and hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by and, once again, please enjoy your holiday safely.   


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