Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Awesome Deal On Bounty Paper Towels At Dollar General!

Today, I want to share a deal at Dollar General for this week. This sale will end on Saturday, July 2, so you may want to get this together quickly if you need paper towels!

Here's what I got in two trips to Dollar General this week:

Now, you don't have to buy this many but I had something else in mind that is a little too late to tell you about right now. I was looking to do a deal at Saving Star that would give me $5 on a $25 purchase. That deal ends tomorrow! 

For the deal that you can still get by Saturday, it goes like this:

Buy (4) 6-packs of Bounty Paper towels, on sale this week for $4.95 each. Print out two coupons for the Bounty Basic and two coupons for any Bounty paper towels at You will end up paying $15.80 for 4 packages but you will get a $5 off your next shopping order for spending $15. So, in essence you will get all 4 packages for $10.80, or $2.70 each! 

My deal was to get the $5 off $25 at Saving Star so I bought 8 packages. After the coupons, my total for 8 was $31.60 but I get my $5 for Saving Star and (2) of the $5 off my next order coupons. After all the deductions my total was $16.60 or $2.07 each package! 

Not a bad deal at all! If you need paper towels, this is definitely a time that you can stock up! 

Here's the link for the coupons:

Hurry and print these as they will not be available after tomorrow (6-30-2016)

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