Thursday, June 30, 2016

Tip #1 - Use Grocery Rebate Apps!

What do you think of when it comes time to try to save money on groceries? Sitting at a table, going through coupon leaflets and clipping all day? Trying to make sure you remember to get that coupon for each item when you are shopping?

Saving with coupons is definitely not an easy task! There is a lot of work and planning that has to go into it. That's what I am here to help you with. I figure if I am already doing the work, why not share what I find with everyone else and let them enjoy the benefits also.

Well, let me tell you of another way to save money that doesn't involve clipping coupons. All it involves is downloading an app, signing up for an account and then selecting your offers. The hardest part of it all is taking a picture of your receipt! Seriously!

I'm amazed at the number of folks who sign up for these apps and then don't want to do the "work" it takes to make them profitable.

Folks, nothing worthwhile is ever going to come without a little work on your part!

Anyways, here are the links to some of the apps I use and a small explanation of how they work. I must let you know that each link is also a referral link. If you choose to download the app and then sign up through it, then I will also post my unique code so you can put me down as a referral Why is this important? Because on some of these apps you get more rebates and bonuses if you work as a team and you develop your team by referring people!

These are in no certain terms of rating. Just by how they are popping in my mind! :-)


#1. - Saving Star -- Saving Star is a pretty straightforward application. You are presented with a list of offers, you choose which offer(s) you want to activate, and you purchase the item(s). When you get home from the store, you open your app, choose "Redeem", scan the bar code of the product and then snap a picture of your receipt to upload. It's really that simple! Their offers usually coincide with the coupons that are available that week and you usually have a good amount of time to do the offer. They also usually are after all your coupons have been used. A good example of savings would be what I talked about on my last post. On that deal, the offer was to save $5 when I spent $25 on Bounty products. I purchased four 6-packs on Tuesday and submitted my receipt. I only spent $15.80 after coupons but was credited the full $19.80 purchase price toward the reward. The next day I did another four 6-packs and submitted and was credited enough to get my $5 reward. I only did it like that because doing the two transactions, I also got a $5 off my next shopping order at Dollar General. There are also individual rebates like $2 on two Dial body wash that go along with a $2 on two coupon and usually end up making those body washes only about $.69 to $.99 each!

One note, there is no referral link on this one. There are no rewards for signing up individuals as far as I know! I've been doing this since August of 2015 and I am by no means a "junkie" to this but I have still managed to save $150.34 since then!

I use PayPal for my payouts but there are other options.


#2. - Ibotta -- Ibotta works similar to Saving Star except that they tend to have different offers from what is in the coupons each week. They also do not pay at all stores, such as you could not submit a receipt from Brookshire's as this is not a participating store. The good news is that you can submit receipts from Kroger, WalMart and Dollar General and that suits me just fine. You can find a complete list of participating stores on their website.

This app works like other apps in that you select the deal you would like and then purchase the item, scan the bar code and take a picture of the receipt. One quick note is that this app gives you offers that involve buying beer and some other item. You usually do not have to buy the beer to get that offer. When you click on the offer it will give you the wording to say that! This app also offers you generic items such as $.50 on bananas or $.25 on bread, milk, chips, etc...

One other nice thing about this app is that they also offer rebates for other items, such as KFC, Payless Shoes, Office Max, Best Buy and other places. I've not tried this out yet but it is interesting to see what all you have offers with here.

This app does allow referrals and actually encourages it by encouraging teamwork. As you and your team make purchases throughout the month and submit your offers, you can unlock bonuses. They also have bonuses such as the one this weekend that will give you an extra $1 when you submit 4 offers. These do not include generic rebates, such as any bread or any bell peppers. My referral code is in the link above but if you directly download the app and want to put me in as referrer then you can use my unique code of "nqrq". I thank you in advance and look forward to working with you as a team! :-)

I have made $84.20 with this app since August of 2015.

I use PayPal for my payouts but there are other options.


#3. - Checkout 51 -- Checkout 51 works just like the other apps in that you choose an offer, buy the product, scan the bar code and take a picture of the receipt. The only difference is that they do not send your payments to PayPal or some similar payout. They send you a check when you request it but not until you have at least $20 in your account. I have been with this app since August 2015 and just recently cashed out for $26.75 and have yet to receive my check. It's not something you will get rich off of but it will allow you to double-dip into the savings. Consider it like a piggy bank of sorts. :-)

The offers for this app are available on Thursday mornings and are active until Wednesday night. Each week the offers renew and you never know what you might get! Some of the offers are able to be used several times so you can save more. For instance, last week my wife informed me that we needed Purex Crystals. I had no coupons for them and there were none available but Checkout 51 had an offer for $1 on Purex Crystals and it could be used up to 5 times. I only bought 3 and this week it is back in my offers with a limit of 2!

The process is the same but the offers are a little tricky at times. Make sure you look at the wording of the offers as they may only be available at WalMart or Target or something. It would be a shame if you bought it at Kroger and then didn't get credit for it!

Occasionally, this app will offer referral bonuses, such as get $5 when someone signs up and redeems their first rebate but there are no referral offers at this time!


#4. - MobiSave -- MobiSave is a little different from the other apps. First and foremost, the offers are very limited but they do have some generic offers such as any bread, milk, oranges, bacon, etc...  These were for $.50 but now they are usually only $.10. You won't get rich with this app but every little bit helps. I usually get an average of 50 to 60 offers each week and only activate about 20 of them. Things such as Sunsweet prunes don't really turn me on! :-)

Since I joined, which I think was around October of last year, I have made a total of $28.25, which makes it my number 3 app as far as earnings! One of the best things I like about this app is that it does match a lot of the coupons so if there is a coupon for $5 on Nasacort, 120 spray and there is an offer on MobiSave for the same then I may be able to get that for $4 or so, depending on sales. This is nice as my daughter uses this!

MobiSave also only pays through PayPal so you will need an account there. They do, however, pay very quickly. I usually get my payments within an hour or two!


These are my top four apps that I use for rebates on grocery shopping. They don't make you rich but I've save almost $300 since August of 2015 so that is about an average of $30 per month! Every little bit helps!

One of the nicer things about these apps is that they can help you to receive substantial savings when used together. For example, There was a time when Saving Star had an offer on dry-spray deodorants as well as Ibotta. When I combined them with an offer at CVS and used my coupons also, I ended up getting 4 cans of the dry-spray deodorants and making a total of $1.50. Anyone who has bought theses know that they typically run around $5 or more each!

There are other apps out there and I have or am giving some of them a try but, for the most part, these are the four that I use the most!

If you have any questions about how to use these apps, feel free to give me a shout and I will do my best to try to help out!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Awesome Deal On Bounty Paper Towels At Dollar General!

Today, I want to share a deal at Dollar General for this week. This sale will end on Saturday, July 2, so you may want to get this together quickly if you need paper towels!

Here's what I got in two trips to Dollar General this week:

Now, you don't have to buy this many but I had something else in mind that is a little too late to tell you about right now. I was looking to do a deal at Saving Star that would give me $5 on a $25 purchase. That deal ends tomorrow! 

For the deal that you can still get by Saturday, it goes like this:

Buy (4) 6-packs of Bounty Paper towels, on sale this week for $4.95 each. Print out two coupons for the Bounty Basic and two coupons for any Bounty paper towels at You will end up paying $15.80 for 4 packages but you will get a $5 off your next shopping order for spending $15. So, in essence you will get all 4 packages for $10.80, or $2.70 each! 

My deal was to get the $5 off $25 at Saving Star so I bought 8 packages. After the coupons, my total for 8 was $31.60 but I get my $5 for Saving Star and (2) of the $5 off my next order coupons. After all the deductions my total was $16.60 or $2.07 each package! 

Not a bad deal at all! If you need paper towels, this is definitely a time that you can stock up! 

Here's the link for the coupons:

Hurry and print these as they will not be available after tomorrow (6-30-2016)

Welcome To Bubba's Bargain Blog!


I've toyed with the idea of a coupon blog for several years and have made a couple of small attempts at it, however I have decided to finally take the plunge and jump in head-first! :-)

So, what will you find here? Well, I initially planned to share weekly ads and match-ups and also share my brag posts. Along the way, I planned to educate you on the different apps I use, the best places to get coupons and how to stretch your dollar further.

However, after two weeks of blogging and having virtually no responses to any of my posts save one reply from my sister, I have decided to revise my plan for this site. 

The SOLE focus for this site now is to simply focus on EDUCATION. That was my main reason for starting this anyway. I will write a few posts about how to coupon, what apps to use and how to coupon at certain stores. 

I will keep my "Printable Coupons" page and ask that if you are planning on printing coupons anyway, please use this as it will pay me 3¢ per coupon you print. That may not sound like much but if I were to get 200 prints a month ($6.00) then that would almost be enough to cover my web site hosting (for my genealogy site) for one year. I use it to print my coupons and have already made $1.50 this month, with a little help from my daughter! 

My main focus will be on stores in my area. That will include Kroger, WalMart, Brookshire's, CVS, Walgreen's, and Dollar General. If you have a store you would like included, feel free to email me and let me know. I will see what I can do for you!

Oh yes, I do want to say that this is a constant learning process so if you would like to share some of your wisdom with me, I will be glad to share it here and give you credit also!

It may take a bit to get everything set up but I will try to get this up and going as quickly as possible. Don't expect daily updates at first but I will try to post frequently.

Also, this is mainly something I am doing for my friends and family so if you stumble upon this and want to read, please feel free to do so. I will write this as if I am writing to my family though!

So, without further ado I will try to get some things together and get a couple of posts in.

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day!